A Cold April.

’twas a bleak and rainy day.

Just how I love them.

My mother and I were supposed to go off to Villa.

“Take some coffee coins, we’ll have a drink after we’re done shopping,” said my mother to me as I am the coins for coffee machines keeper. I still have them (and more) as we didn’t get to use them then.

Reflections, and the noses of my winter boots. I’m wearing my winter boots because they were the only ones to stay dry in such weather. I really need a pair of wellies.

And here’s a video, because you really want to see the rubbish containers (no inside look, I swear) and listen to my mum and I exchange a few words about an odd envelope we received.

As a side note, it always takes me a while to recognise my building’s yard in photos. I’ve lived here for more than 20 years now, but photos of it look so unfamiliar.


Also, cucumbers and lemons. I like how the rain usually brings out the colours.

Another video. Walking back from the market. This time my mum and I are discussing culinary plans for brother’s birthday.

Hello, dog.

When we finally reached parking, mother discovered that brother locked the car using the security block thing, and mother only took the key. So I was left there, with all the produce, under a bit of a rain, with a screaming car, and only my camera to entertain me.

Dreadful, I’m telling you.

Please turn the sound down for the next exciting video, featuring my feet, the car’s wheel, and lots of alarm.



This are the greens I started munching on out of boredom.

And this is the last photo for that day, which signifies the successful departure to Villa Nistru.

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