Bostaniada 2014.

pumpkin patch

Bostaniada, or Pumpkin Festival, was the third part of our trip, and the one I was waiting for the most. But, as it oft happens with expectations, it was the one I liked the least.

I didn’t get to go this year, so I cannot say anything about improvements. Perhaps there were some, and my commentary is severely outdated. Last year, however, some of the major problems were people flow (same gates for both exits and entrances), lack of shade (unless you were willing to sit down and order in one of the eateries), and lack of places to sit down (unless, yeah, eateries).

The areas of the festival were clearly marked on the map, but the map itself was off the course (it was literally the last thing I saw, mere minutes before leaving), and the markings weren’t anywhere on the territory. If they were, then I didn’t see them, which is rather similar to them not being there at all, if you ask me.

Again, this commentary is for Bostaniada 2014. I hope this year saw some improvements.

On to the pictures!

bostaniada 2014 (2)

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