Tsipovo, part one.

(This post has a Russian version.)

I said there’ll be two more posts coming up – I lied. There will be four – two parts for Tsipovo, and two parts for Saharna.

I’m sure there’s a wealth of information on Saharna online (haven’t looked it up yet) – at least there definitely is, compared to Tsipovo. Tsipovo – or Tsipova – is a place that many people talk about and many seem to have visited, and yet it remains largely unpopular, as far as cultural and religious sights go in this country.

Indeed, it’s not as ‘fancy’ as the aforementioned Saharna, for example. It’s not as vast as Orheiul Vechi, though it too has cave complexes and ‘miracle’ places. Perhaps it’s a bit harder to get to? But how hard can it be to get to any Moldavian location?

Technically, Tsipova is a village in the Rezina region. One of the sights in the village is the monastery, and this is what this post is about. I haven’t set foot in the actual village.

The monastery was founded in the 6th century. (What?!) It saw Stefan the Great marry Maria. The 18th century was the monastery’s renaissance time, and a little under two centuries later the Tsipovo monastery was closed for service, much like most other religious places in the Soviet states. The services in Tsipova resumed in 1994. Wikipedia tells me that in 2012 the Tsipova monastery has undergone restoration, but from where I stand, there’s still a way to go. This place is certainly not as ‘rich’ as many other religious sights in the country. Plus the restoration of a place like this always faces certain problems. You need to preserve the authenticity. Yet you need to make the place safe and attractive.

I’m not saying it’s unsafe now, but it’s certainly not a place where one should bring small kids, for example. There’s nowhere to hide form the sun. The way up – and down – is actually quite difficult. There are a lot of places on the ground of the Tsipova monastery where you should watch your step. It’s worth it, but not for a five year old.

Anyway! Onto photos.

tsipova part one (2)

When we’ve just stepped off the boat, we inadvertently crashed someone’s private picnic party. It was totally random.

tsipova part one (3)

tsipova part one (4)

tsipova part one (5)

tsipova part one (6)

tsipova part one (7)

Steadily climbing up. Here’s our boat from above. And higher up we go.

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Summer Boat Trip.

(This post has a Russian version.)

Back in July I went on a corporate boat trip. ‘Twas fun, though damn hot.

I’d like to say that these photos have some artistic merit, but they don’t, not really.

river trip (2)

river trip (3)

river trip (4)

I believe this is Rybnitsa, but I could be very wrong.

river trip (5)

river trip (6)

river trip (7)

river trip (8)

This is a prison, I think. I’m so knowledgeable. :D

river trip (9)

river trip (10)

river trip (11)

river trip (12)

river trip (13)

river trip (14)

river trip (15)

river trip (16)

river trip (17)

river trip (18)

river trip (19)

river trip (20)

river trip (21)

river trip (22)

river trip (23)

river trip (24)

The mug in the bottom right corner is a nice touch, no?

river trip (25)

river trip (26)

river trip (27)

I’ve got two more posts from the trip coming up, and I promise they’re a bit less boring.

Dining out lately.

(This post has a Russian version.)

I don’t really go out much. (This probably shows.) Below are some photos I’ve taken over the months of visiting various eateries. Strangely enough, I haven’t taken photographs each time, so there isn’t that much.

Most photos taken with my phone, so come with low expectations.


“Lazy vareniki” at Taxi Blues. Meh.


Lots of meat at Maximillian. Good.


Coffee at Vasabi. Looks pretty. Tastes OK.


Coffee and cheesecake at Uptown. Coffee is not memorable; don’t order cheesecake.

(Don’t order a Bloody Mary either. Who puts cilantro into a Bloody Mary? Sadists, that’s who.)


A surprisingly good coffee in one of the eateries at Jumbo. Can’t remember the name.


A very sad brunch at Tucano Coffee. Come on, guys. Stop bullshitting your way through complacency.


Pizza, fried courgette, and coffee at my favourite local pizzeria chain, Pizza Mania.


Courgette was seasonal, but I’d skip it.


Two of my favourite things in one, a Caesar salad and a pizza. Surprisingly nice.


Bad coffee at Vasabi.


Seaweed salad (I can probably eat five portions of this in one seating) and rolls.


Someone told me that the kitchen at Torro Grill was bad. I was passing by, so I went in.


The Caesar salad. (I’m nothing if not predictable.) It was very salty.


The Tiramisu of Gods. It’s huge – I could barely finish it – and very, very fresh.

Regarding the kitchen – I’ve been there again, and I disagree. The kitchen is fine.


Mykonos Greek restaurant at the Mall. My favourite dessert in the history of desserts. This one actually belonged to my friend. I ate mine already.


Buddha Bar before the renovations.










I haven’t been after the reopening, so whatever I say now is probably irrelevant.


“Fried ice-cream”. My favourite thing. This particular one was meh. Eaten at a cafe that had closed down soon after.


Lunch at Fish-ka.



Like I said, I’m nothing if not predictable. So I ordered deep fried cheese.


And a salad with chicken liver, served warm.


I’m hungry now.