Villa Again and Again.

This was my cousin’s bachelorette weekend, actually. But I thought titling it like that would be cheating. People would expect a mad girlfriend bash or something. We just had two quiet days off in the country. One of the members in our party was – still is! – pregnant, too. So none of that mad alcohol induced strip club brawl that was planned upon at the very beginning happened.


You can see part one here.

cousin's bachelorette weekend at villa (2)

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Dubossary Photos.

That’s a bit of a promising title. I was busy with some srs bsns that day, so I only snapped a few shots, and the majority of them were blurry. Like these two of Moriarty. He couldn’t be arsed with me that day:


moriartyThis is the cat that usually poses. Obviously father was more important. Or maybe he was once again offended that I didn’t bring any dry food for him.

The dog, on the other hand, was mad as ever:


Druzhok is chained. The chain is long, so he has a reasonable amount of space, and he doesn’t strain himself or suffocate himself on it. He’s well fed and has shelter from sun/ rain/ snow. PMR’s animal laws are inhumane, so dogs running loose routinely get poisoned/ captured/ shot, even if they are collared and have contact information.

Plus my father’s neighbours are weird. Let’s not comment on that subject any further.


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