Dubossary Photos.

That’s a bit of a promising title. I was busy with some srs bsns that day, so I only snapped a few shots, and the majority of them were blurry. Like these two of Moriarty. He couldn’t be arsed with me that day:


moriartyThis is the cat that usually poses. Obviously father was more important. Or maybe he was once again offended that I didn’t bring any dry food for him.

The dog, on the other hand, was mad as ever:


Druzhok is chained. The chain is long, so he has a reasonable amount of space, and he doesn’t strain himself or suffocate himself on it. He’s well fed and has shelter from sun/ rain/ snow. PMR’s animal laws are inhumane, so dogs running loose routinely get poisoned/ captured/ shot, even if they are collared and have contact information.

Plus my father’s neighbours are weird. Let’s not comment on that subject any further.


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Autumn in Molovata Noua.

In compliance with my goal of posting the backlog of photos, here are some autumnish ones, dating back to the epic 2002. Basically, these are my first tries of running around with a camera that’s not a) film b) with one button.

Results varied greatly, but these aren’t too bad. Mostly because it’s hard to ruin autumn leaves.

We begin with a sad blurry boat. It gets easier, I promise. But not by much.

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