Phonecams Lately: Autumn to Winter.

stairs in sunlight

I really like stairs. If it’s Freudian, then I don’t want to know, because yes, I also like trains, bridges, and tunnels. Thank you for asking.

This is a photo-heavy post, so let’s descend under the cut.

(See what I did there? Hee-hee.)

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Autumn Walk.

‘Twas City Day around here. Cousin had work, but got out early. We decided to meet at McDonald’s, of all places.

Ye do not judge. It’s one of the most convenient spots to meet. No one says you have to eat whilst there.


Hi, cousin.

Personally, I love their ice-cream. (And cheeseburgers.) Plus it’s the only place around here where one can get soft-serve ice-cream.


Wistfully looking into the distance, or ignoring me? You decide.


As it was City Day, the streets were crowded. We expected it, but we didn’t expect this mad amount of people. The weather was nice (it usually rains), so I suppose everyone (and I mean everyone) took advantage of the day off.

After our sojourn in McDo, we elbowed our way through the crowd, and walked up Pushkin street for about a block, then turned right…


… and the crowds were gone.



This is a picture heavy post (40 in all), so I’m placing the rest under the cut.

Don’t you just love me?


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Autumn in Molovata Noua.

In compliance with my goal of posting the backlog of photos, here are some autumnish ones, dating back to the epic 2002. Basically, these are my first tries of running around with a camera that’s not a) film b) with one button.

Results varied greatly, but these aren’t too bad. Mostly because it’s hard to ruin autumn leaves.

We begin with a sad blurry boat. It gets easier, I promise. But not by much.

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