Autumn Walk.

‘Twas City Day around here. Cousin had work, but got out early. We decided to meet at McDonald’s, of all places.

Ye do not judge. It’s one of the most convenient spots to meet. No one says you have to eat whilst there.


Hi, cousin.

Personally, I love their ice-cream. (And cheeseburgers.) Plus it’s the only place around here where one can get soft-serve ice-cream.


Wistfully looking into the distance, or ignoring me? You decide.


As it was City Day, the streets were crowded. We expected it, but we didn’t expect this mad amount of people. The weather was nice (it usually rains), so I suppose everyone (and I mean everyone) took advantage of the day off.

After our sojourn in McDo, we elbowed our way through the crowd, and walked up Pushkin street for about a block, then turned right…


… and the crowds were gone.



This is a picture heavy post (40 in all), so I’m placing the rest under the cut.

Don’t you just love me?


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These Are the Last Days of August, and I’m Sharing Easter Photographs

That’s just how I roll.

But yeah, sometime around Orthodox Easter, I dragged my brother’s sorry arse out to the Central Park to snap a few shots of the decorations. I’m not exactly good at night photography, but hey, most of the stuff was static, so these shots are half-decent. They are a little bit stale, time-wise (eggs & candles & angels & all), but I hope you’ll still like ’em.


But before we switch to eggs and bunnies, I’d like you to take a look at Posta Moldovei. Which is, Moldova’s Post Office. I’ve always loved this building. So nice. I visit it often, as I kinda like Postcrossing, when I have the 50 cents to spare for a stamp.

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Some Photographs from My Week.

Monday my brother and I placed our selves into our old and (t)rusty Toyota and drove north, to join my father for an Easter dinner. It was also held in remembrance of my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, the only person present that was at the wedding that day was my dad, as mum passed away.





preview!  full photo post to follow

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