Some Photographs from My Week.

Monday my brother and I placed our selves into our old and (t)rusty Toyota and drove north, to join my father for an Easter dinner. It was also held in remembrance of my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, the only person present that was at the wedding that day was my dad, as mum passed away.





preview!  full photo post to follow

Thursday was Victory Day, a day that I consider as big a celebration as Easter. My brother & I, together with my cousin, her partner, and her friend got a little busy with a list of veterans & widows of veterans, whom we wanted to thank for what they did. It was both a very beautiful and a very sad day. We drove through the city, visiting and giving out care packages to them. Many didn’t answer the door – probably present at the festivities – and some died. Those who did answer were very emotional and thankful, and really, really wanted to talk. It made me think why I didn’t participate in this earlier, and why we only do it before Victory Day. Why not two times a year, at least? Their fight against fascism is a selfless gift to all of us. The least we can do is remember them twice a year, and not just on 9th of May.

Our list was very short. It is estimated that about 2500 WWII/ GPW veterans live in this country today. Our list had about 25 people on it, our group covered about 11. Some of them were widows. Two people on the list were dead.

I thought about taking my camera, and ultimately I didn’t. It felt too intrusive. We finished the day at the Memorial complex, where we gave out the remaining care packages to veterans we encountered. I took two silly photographs with my phone.



Friday I dragged my carcass out of bed bright and early to send my brother out on his foray to another town to help his friend stock his veggie shop. Then I went out on my own to give out remaining care packages to veterans that we were unable to reach later. ’twas an interesting journey, and involved a GPS. Did you know Garmin has a pedestrian option? Maybe others do as well, but mine’s a Garmin, and it has a freaking pedestrian option. Very nice.

On my way back I found a church that holds service in my native language (one out of two in this city, score!), and stopped by a second-hand shop. After that I went to the PO to finally pick up this book! I’ve been waiting for its arrival for many, many months, and it’s finally here! Can’t wait to read it.

Also finally took pictures of the door that’s been intriguing me for years. If I finally decide to grace the internets with the presence of my ~*~daily outfits~*~, this will be one of the backdrops. It’s only a short walk away.






And here’s the building. I hope it won’t be demolished. It’s historical, but this has never stopped anybody in this country, unfortunately.

Later that day I forced my brother to accompany me to the Central park, to take pictures of Easter decorations there. My brother is quite the impatient fellow, so most of my photographs didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. Here’s a preview, with a full post to follow:



Some more photographs:





Pigeons! You may have seen them here. Still no sign of the fourth one, though. I swear there were four.


You may have figured out by now that I love taking photos of this intersection. I do this; I fixate on things.

IMG_5906 copy


RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.  Well, no, not exactly, just ‘under voltage life threatening’.

I hope next week will be kind to us all!

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