Last Day of Summer.

On the last day of August (and my summer holiday) mum, aunt, and I went to Villa.

I love wires.

Waited for my parents to come out. Took pictures of the parking lot. I take a lot of pictures of the parking lot. It cannot be helped.



This one was snapped by mistake.  I kept it.









This is Dubossary. Stopped by the supermarket to pick up some foodstuffs. Construction and wires. My favourite things after textures. Have I ever mentioned it?



Said tea (Hyson Royal Earl Grey, if you’re interested — Hyson in general is OK, but only the unflavoured ones, IMO), meds, too many phones.

Sun is a bitch.

Wilderness surrounding the laundry room.

This plant is very interesting. It’s got this succulent feel to it. I wonder what it is.

… and it wasn’t sunny anymore. Spiders started to crawl out, confining me to the rooms, preferably with other people to keep me distracted/ shoo spiders away.

A moth. It’s not really visible here, but it was huge. Not quite this guy (nowhere near this guy, actually), but huge enough for local insect kingdom.



This video will probably make you nauseous because it’s shaky and you have to follow the dot moth around.
Technically, this was 1 September. Got pulled over by the police on our way back.

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