Snow in Kishinev, 20 April 2017

Before I finally finish posting the Dyninno entertainment of yesteryear, let’s take a look through the photos I took Thursday this week. Some time around Monday the weather report promised snow. I took note that the temperatures would be getting lower, but dismissed the snow. Rather, I thought it might happen. There was a snowfall in May, I think, some 15 years ago. The snow fell for about 15 minutes, and about 10 minutes after all of it was gone.

20 April I woke up to this.

april snow in chisinau (2)

There was some snow on the trees, but practically none on the ground. The roads were more or less clear. Thank God, seeing as my father is the only person I know who insists on keeping snow tyres until May.

Something I plan on doing from now on as well.

I went to work. Seeing green trees covered in snow was unusual, even eerie.

april snow in chisinau (3)

april snow in chisinau (4)

A lot of these photos will be repetitions of the same views over and over, with only minor differences. I deliberately did not cut them down further. I just really want you to see.

april snow in chisinau (5)

The blooming tree closer to the office was, too, covered in snow.

april snow in chisinau (6)

april snow in chisinau (7)

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Dining out lately.

(This post has a Russian version.)

I don’t really go out much. (This probably shows.) Below are some photos I’ve taken over the months of visiting various eateries. Strangely enough, I haven’t taken photographs each time, so there isn’t that much.

Most photos taken with my phone, so come with low expectations.


“Lazy vareniki” at Taxi Blues. Meh.


Lots of meat at Maximillian. Good.


Coffee at Vasabi. Looks pretty. Tastes OK.


Coffee and cheesecake at Uptown. Coffee is not memorable; don’t order cheesecake.

(Don’t order a Bloody Mary either. Who puts cilantro into a Bloody Mary? Sadists, that’s who.)


A surprisingly good coffee in one of the eateries at Jumbo. Can’t remember the name.


A very sad brunch at Tucano Coffee. Come on, guys. Stop bullshitting your way through complacency.


Pizza, fried courgette, and coffee at my favourite local pizzeria chain, Pizza Mania.


Courgette was seasonal, but I’d skip it.


Two of my favourite things in one, a Caesar salad and a pizza. Surprisingly nice.


Bad coffee at Vasabi.


Seaweed salad (I can probably eat five portions of this in one seating) and rolls.


Someone told me that the kitchen at Torro Grill was bad. I was passing by, so I went in.


The Caesar salad. (I’m nothing if not predictable.) It was very salty.


The Tiramisu of Gods. It’s huge – I could barely finish it – and very, very fresh.

Regarding the kitchen – I’ve been there again, and I disagree. The kitchen is fine.


Mykonos Greek restaurant at the Mall. My favourite dessert in the history of desserts. This one actually belonged to my friend. I ate mine already.


Buddha Bar before the renovations.










I haven’t been after the reopening, so whatever I say now is probably irrelevant.


“Fried ice-cream”. My favourite thing. This particular one was meh. Eaten at a cafe that had closed down soon after.


Lunch at Fish-ka.



Like I said, I’m nothing if not predictable. So I ordered deep fried cheese.


And a salad with chicken liver, served warm.


I’m hungry now.

Da Vinci Exhibition.

Way back in April I visited a Da Vinci exhibition here in Kishinev. Perhaps because I was way too excited for it, visiting it actually left me a bit underwhelmed. The most enjoyable part, for me, was the intro with the replicas of Da Vinci’s notebooks and a couple of interactive machines somewhere in the middle of the exhibit. I also enjoyed the anatomy prints that had their own corner and covered the entire walls.

I did not have my camera with me, so these were all taken with my phone. Soz.


In theory, my face was supposed to be there for the entertainment of the self and the masses (ergo, you). In practice, I went alone and couldn’t be arsed finding an aid.



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