Pur Pur and Park

01-pur pur menu

Pur Pur menu. Although the presentation is quirky and makes an impression, it’s really hard to read.

02-pur pur menu

The prices are pretty standard.

03-pur pur tea


04-pur pur caesar

Caesar salad which you shouldn’t order. I’m a bit predictable in my old age, and nearly always order a Caesar salad wherever I go. This is a variation that should be avoided.

05-pur pur bruschete

Bruschette. You shouldn’t order these either.

06-pur pur cheesecake

Cheesecake. Now, cheesecake purists would argue that this isn’t a cheesecake at all, and with this I agree. It’s more of a cottage cheese tart. However, it was surprisingly tasty, if a bit too sweet. If I ever find myself at Pur Pur again, this is what I would order.

07-pur pur entrance

The reason we found ourselves at Pur Pur to begin with is because the terrace has several tables that allow smoking. With recent laws such places have become a rarity in the city.

I can recommend this for convenience (the aforementioned smoking and the location – the very centre of Kishinev) and for the cheesecake, but I cannot recommend it for anything else. The price range, although decent, seemed a bit high for the place of its caliber. The kitchen wasn’t good. The location, although convenient and theoretically safe, seemed a bit seedy.

08-tighina stationCurrent situation at Tighina trolley/ bus station.

09-tighina station

10-tighina station

11-cathedral parkAfterwards we went for a bit of  walk in the Central Cathedral Park.

12-cathedral park

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