Il Divino and Paragliding Stories.

I love waking up early. No – scratch that, I’m a monster when I wake up early – I love being awake early. One morning I was greeted by a perfectly technicolour sky:

IMG_6208SOOC; the camera picked up way more blue than I was seeing

Another morning I woke up to this:

IMG_6211 25 hours after Full Moon

IMG_6214 SOOC again. This looks almost tropical to me

Sunday was my breakfast date with cousin, except that this time I couldn’t even objectively call it lunch. It was total supper material, may~be dinner.

This time we opted for Il Divino. Wholeheartedly recommend. If you’re not feeling any dinner/ supper food, they serve a wide array of pizzas, and the one we tried (Caprichosa – I’m misspelling that, aren’t I?) was good. No pictures, because we just— devoured it.

2013-08-25 17.57.25

Bruschettas were on the house and a total (lovely) surprise.

2013-08-25 17.58.33

In some things, I’m just a boring traditionalist. I rarely ever deviate from coffee with milk & sugar.

2013-08-25 18.08.08

This salad was just a big plate of rucola with some tomatoes and a few Parmesan shavings – so exactly what I wanted. I love rucola. They bring olive oil and balsamic vinegar separately, so you mix in as much as you like.

If you travel to Kishinev, chances are you’ll be staying at Leo Grand hotel, and this restaurant is right next to it, you need only exit, turn right, walk a bit, cross the road, and there you’ll be, staring at Il Divino.

Cousin’s friend K joined us a little later. She shared her first experience of paragliding, and oh dear, it was exciting. I’ve wanted to do this ever since I watched paragliders do their paragliding thing across from my parents’ first hotel. I had no idea they now had a Federation and everything, and by God, I want to go.

The lady, who I guess runs the restaurant, heard us talking about paragliding, and shared her stories. As it turned out she’d been doing this thing for years, and had quite a lot of stuff to share. It was very interesting and just the right amount of scary (stuck between two trees; barbed wires; high voltage lines; cows!) to make me really wanna do it.

The season will soon be over, K told me. There’s still about a month left if the weather stays OK, and K wants to repeat the experience in September, so I might go with her. We should drag cousin, who’s terrified of heights.

(Disclaimer: totally not compensated in any way to write about the restaurant.)

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