Flights, Dogs, and Random Shots.


Back in October the friends of my friends invited said friends to take a flight in this cute little thing. It looks like a toy, doesn’t it? Anyway, I tagged along.


We met an overly excited dog. (Aren’t all dogs overly excited?) I fed it with a can of catfood I bought an hour earlier (good timing).


And then I threw a crooked peace sign before it was time to take off.


And then about two hours later we went to another part of country (it is a small country) to look at venues for an upcoming event.


This is one such venue, Chateau Vartely, and it’s been pretty much decided upon. I hope they will have us.


A little later that month cousin and I went for a walk. October is a beautiful month, isn’t it? Even if I’m tired of that quotation everywhere. Thank God it’s December.


And then I developed a penchant for taking pictures of sunsets out of my living room window. There’s a metric tonne of them now, they deserve their own post.


And then rather recently I spent a day at Villa and in Dubossary doin’ some srs bsns (no, I’m srs) and snapping a few pictures amidst it all. (Doggie is chained, yes. There’s a legit, albeit very sad, explanation for said chain, which I will write in relevant post.)

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