June 2015

As I live in Moldova, and have been born here, this blog was never intended as a touristy sort of reading. Of course, if anything written here persuades you to visit Moldova on your travels, I would be delighted. However, I’ve always written this blog with the idea of just shining some light on the country. Back when I started writing on the internets, Moldova wasn’t that well-known. Moldova-what’s-that was the usual reply. It’s better these days, but I think for the most part Moldova still remains a mystery to many. You’ve probably heard about our wine, about the abundance of Orthodox churches. Maybe you’ve read about mamaliga somewhere.

What better way to casually highlight Moldova than through the photos from my phone and camera? Not the thematic ones I either take on my purposeful walks or trips around the country or specifically for this blog. The random ones. I snap daily – everyone does these days – and I believe these daily snaps best serve to highlight the day-to-day living in Moldova. At least from the perspective of a lower middle-class female office clerk with a small group of friends and moderately quiet interests.

Go on, then. Seven snaps from June 2015.

June 2015 was the month of yet another corporate party. These days they hold them in July, but back then it was just a random date somewhere in May-June.

I’ve had someĀ fun there, but like this year’s party, it was nothing to write home about.

6.6.15 we were friends then

6.6.15 riparian entertainment

This is Vadul lui Voda.

6.6.15 ice cream

This is Betty Ice Bubble Gum Marshmallow ice-cream. Best ice-cream in town.

6.6.15 trees

This is me being artistic. I was bored out of my wits by then.

8.6.15 patchy mass transit

This is me going to work a few days later. I think the route was A. It has since then been cancelled.

10.6.15 another zone

This is me contemplating the new view. During the last few years a lot of trees were cut down around Kishinev. The administration had its reasoning, some of it valid. Nevertheless, my kitchen has got roughly three times hotter without the protection of the trees, and summers in the city feel much worse.

24.6.15 ministry at night

This is the ministry of Technology, Information, and Communications. Their neon lights died. I find these things ironic.