Old Orhei: a Traditional Moldavian Peasant House.

Grain mill.

This is used to smoke/ dry fruit, particularly prunes.

I think this is a chicken house.

And this a winter house. So the one above must be summer house, but it could be vice versa. We didn’t have a guide, so I only know what I’ve read on the information stand (pictured further below) and what I’ve overheard from a conversation between three other visitors, one of whom had been to Orhei before.

Open gates signified that the people were home and accepting visitors.

This is a picture of some other houses in Orhei. As you can see, not all of them are traditional. Some are maybe not even 10 years old.

The roofs are made from straws. My guess is they should be changed periodically, maybe once every 3-5 years.

Some of the photos from where we came from, to give you a better idea of location.

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