Trattoria Della Nonna.

Trattoria Della Nonna, usually just referred to as Trattoria, is a restaurant chain in Kishinev. The one we’ve been to is located on Kogalniceanu 62 (formerly Pirogov 62).

I’m a bit reluctant to post restaurant notes here. No one needs a Trattoria review anyway, because it is a popular location, and practically everyone’s been there. But I figure, maybe a future Peace Corps person will google Kishinev, stumble upon one of these posts and find them useful.

And if you’re a food enthusiast of any kind, then perhaps you just enjoy looking at different menus, regardless of whether you’re going to visit the place or not.

Back to Trattoria.

I am always the hungriest one. Whilst my companions quietly order a dessert and a coffee, I’m all, oohhh what’s this? and this? can I have each of these? and maybe that too… oh, and a dessert on top, oh yeah, and two types of coffee and maybe tea!! :D :D

trattoria della nonna

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