Trattoria Della Nonna.

Trattoria Della Nonna, usually just referred to as Trattoria, is a restaurant chain in Kishinev. The one we’ve been to is located on Kogalniceanu 62 (formerly Pirogov 62).

I’m a bit reluctant to post restaurant notes here. No one needs a Trattoria review anyway, because it is a popular location, and practically everyone’s been there. But I figure, maybe a future Peace Corps person will google Kishinev, stumble upon one of these posts and find them useful.

And if you’re a food enthusiast of any kind, then perhaps you just enjoy looking at different menus, regardless of whether you’re going to visit the place or not.

Back to Trattoria.

I am always the hungriest one. Whilst my companions quietly order a dessert and a coffee, I’m all, oohhh what’s this? and this? can I have each of these? and maybe that too… oh, and a dessert on top, oh yeah, and two types of coffee and maybe tea!! :D :D

trattoria della nonna

I ordered broccoli, mash, and Viennese Waffles. And a latte, of course, but that goes without mention. Where would I be without lattes.

trattoria latte

trattoria kishinev latte

Just look at this layered glory.


I know some people don’t like thick foam in their lattes, but I’m the opposite. I love spooning the foam out before delving into the drink itself.

trattoria della nonna latte


Broccoli was amazeballz. Cousin and I fought for it. It comes in a cream sauce – a lot of it – so if broccoli will be the only thing you’re ordering, make sure to order bread also.

trattoria broccoli

The odd thing about broccoli is it’s the simplest dish, in this case. But it’s so good. I’m looking through the menu on the site right now (link in Russian), and it’s not there, but it was on the menu in the restaurant. I think I’m going to order double broccoli next time.

trattoria mash

Mash was wooden and not very hot. I mean, literally, it was cold. Skip.

trattoria waffles

I wolfed down Viennese waffles, because that’s what I do with dessert, but next time I’ll order something else. They were a liiiittle dry, and the marmalade they came with was a touch too sweet.

trattoria viennese waffles

They look pretty, though. I want a waffle maker now.

The place was pretty packed, it being Saturday afternoon. It’s got two halls, one for smokers and one for non-smokers. We scored the last available places in the smokers hall (naughty, naughty), which happened to be in a tent. Tents are good.

Here’s a view of the entrance area from our little corner tent:

trattoria della nonna kogalniceanu

And here are my lovely companions, my cousin and our mutual friend, all looking very prim and proper.

Though not for long.

friendsies crazies

Happy Wednesday!

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