Curchi Monastery.

Curchi is situated close to Orhei, in Codru. Founded in the 18th century, it was closed down in the middle of the 20th and turned into a psychiatric hospital. It stayed that way for about 50 years, and was reverted back into a monastery in 2002.

curchi (2)

curchi (3)

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National Museum of Fine Arts: Ikons, a Permanent Display.

This country is approximately 98% Christian. The majority of those 98% are of Eastern Orthodox denomination. Meaning, ikons are as much part of worship, as they are of daily life and, indeed, art.

I have a complicated – or maybe just complex – relationship with religion, but I figure whatever faith you are, you can still appreciate ikons as pure art form.

“I don’t know if I should cross myself, or not,” I said at the beginning of the display, mostly to myself.

“Some do. Others don’t,” the museum attendant said, mostly to just say something.

I smiled.


The Good Shepherd.

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Old Orhei: In the Cliff.

Finally, the reason most people even want to visit Old Orhei — cells in the cliffs. If you’re able, I definitely recommend that you climb inside them, though you do need to be careful, especially if the weather is wet, as it had been during my visit. I actually nearly fell down, because I slipped on the mud. Thankfully one of the uni mates grabbed my hand before I rolled all the way down. Nearly dragged the poor thing down with me. I’m still so sorry about that!

Some of the pictures posted here are blurry, but I still wanted to put them up to give you at least a bit of an impression of what to expect.

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