Old Orhei: Outtakes.

I don’t know if it’s evident from photos I upload to this blog, but I’m absolutely in love with plants, fungi, and textures. Whether the texture occurred naturally or was man-made is irrelevant. If you give me a camera and place me in front of a rusty padlock affixed to an old door covered in peeling paint, and that old door leads to a building whose walls are covered in moss, I could probably spend the entire day taking photographs of each and every inch, counting layers of paint and deciding how many months it took for padlock’s metal to oxidise so much.

Sad, but true.

Splatters of paint after a half-arsed paint job on rails? Mess for some, field day for me.

Back in November 2010 I visited Old Orhei with my uni group. Last month I finally uploaded all the ‘good’ pictures. I also took a metric tonne of photos of paint splatters, water surface, and ground. ¬†They are being posted now.

I’ve separated these photos in about 4 posts, and will probably dedicate one more to all the small videos I’ve taken of the place. Except for the first one, and then later a cow, a motorcycle, an out-of-focus snail, a makeshift pier, and a blurry landscape, they don’t really have much of a subject.

Proceed accordingly.

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