Da Vinci Exhibition.

Way back in April I visited a Da Vinci exhibition here in Kishinev. Perhaps because I was way too excited for it, visiting it actually left me a bit underwhelmed. The most enjoyable part, for me, was the intro with the replicas of Da Vinci’s notebooks and a couple of interactive machines somewhere in the middle of the exhibit. I also enjoyed the anatomy prints that had their own corner and covered the entire walls.

I did not have my camera with me, so these were all taken with my phone. Soz.


In theory, my face was supposed to be there for the entertainment of the self and the masses (ergo, you). In practice, I went alone and couldn’t be arsed finding an aid.



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Old Orhei: Bath House.

Now, there’s a possibility that I’m wrong and these aren’t the remains of an ancient bath house, at all. My books are silent on that matter, and we didn’t have a guide, but I eavesdropped on a conversation between people who’ve been to Orhei before, and I think they said it was a bath house. So let it be so.

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Old Orhei: Climbing Up

Climbing is a big word for the small ascension we’ve done — but still.

This is the road we’re going to follow. You can’t drive up there (see the sign on the right?), so if walking long distances isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll need to access the sight from the other side. You can drive from there. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure how it’s done.  I’d need to come back and ask about that.

Walked a little behind everybody on purpose.  I take my jolly time snapping  a few hundred pictures along the way.

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