Curchi Monastery.

Curchi is situated close to Orhei, in Codru. Founded in the 18th century, it was closed down in the middle of the 20th and turned into a psychiatric hospital. It stayed that way for about 50 years, and was reverted back into a monastery in 2002.

curchi (2)

curchi (3)

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Old Orhei: In the Cliff.

Finally, the reason most people even want to visit Old Orhei — cells in the cliffs. If you’re able, I definitely recommend that you climb inside them, though you do need to be careful, especially if the weather is wet, as it had been during my visit. I actually nearly fell down, because I slipped on the mud. Thankfully one of the uni mates grabbed my hand before I rolled all the way down. Nearly dragged the poor thing down with me. I’m still so sorry about that!

Some of the pictures posted here are blurry, but I still wanted to put them up to give you at least a bit of an impression of what to expect.

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Old Orhei: Climbing Up

Climbing is a big word for the small ascension we’ve done — but still.

This is the road we’re going to follow. You can’t drive up there (see the sign on the right?), so if walking long distances isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll need to access the sight from the other side. You can drive from there. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure how it’s done.  I’d need to come back and ask about that.

Walked a little behind everybody on purpose.  I take my jolly time snapping  a few hundred pictures along the way.

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