An Event in Honour of the Holocaust Survivors.

Back in April (12th, to be exact) I attended an event held to honour the survivors of the Holocaust. It included an art exhibition, a concert, and a speech by one of the survivors. Music for the songs performed was composed by Daniel Dobias, a Czech composer. Song lyrics were poems written by the children who lived in Terezin. The artwork was by Helga Weissova-Hoshkova. And finally, the speech was given by Dagmar Shimova. She is one of the children saved by Nicolas Winton. You can read a better summary of the event here.

I took some pictures (as one does). They have little artistic merit, but I like to post my records anyway.  Under the cut are 7 more photos.

Translation: Out of 15 000 Jewish children, kept in the Terezin ghetto and later sent to Auschwitz, only 100 survived. Amongst them was Helga Hoshkova, a future professional artist.
She was born 10 November 1929 in Prague. Aged twelve, in December 1941, was deported to Terezin ghetto together with her parents, where she lived for three years. After that sent to Auschwitz. In 1945, after the liberation, she returned to Prague, where she finished the Arts Academy. The drawings capture the terrible reality seen through the eyes of the child.

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