Old Orhei: Climbing Up

Climbing is a big word for the small ascension we’ve done — but still.

This is the road we’re going to follow. You can’t drive up there (see the sign on the right?), so if walking long distances isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll need to access the sight from the other side. You can drive from there. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure how it’s done.  I’d need to come back and ask about that.

Walked a little behind everybody on purpose.  I take my jolly time snapping  a few hundred pictures along the way.

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Old Orhei: the Plain.

Below is an overview of the plain and the surrounding mountains (or are these really tall hills? Dunno). There’s also an information stand which I photographed.

This is where we’re headed to!

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Old Orhei: Arrival.

November last year I had the chance of visiting Old Orhei (Orheiul Vechi) with my alma mater.

Orhei is a historical and natural complex. Its archaeological findings cover three different eras. Cliffs, a river, and plains coexist beautifully, and cave monasteries are seamlessly combined with rather modern Orthodox churches — as modern as Orthodox churches can be.

In the background of the two photos above you can see the church and the chapel we’d visit, as well as the cave monasteries. It’s a long walk, but not dauntingly so.

But before we go there, let’s cross the road and take a look at the panorama of Trebujeni. Trebujeni is a village adjacent to Orhei.

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